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and the vice president and his wife are dedicated to helping the country recover. mrs. obama arrived just as thousands of people are being moved to higher ground to avoid the mudslides that could sweep them away. haitians wonder what is coming next. at the center, children sang a welcoming song for america's first lady and asked to hold her hand. she obliged with gusto. in this converted school bus, mrs. obama sat and painted with the children. then, it was on to a church college which is being rebuilt. across haiti, reconstructed is beginning, albeit slowly. patients hope mrs obama's visit will help focus the world on their plight and help in the effort to rebuild their country. this woman, who was watching mrs. obama, tell me she appreciated her visit. >> we cannot really think because we need help. >> mrs. obama is here just after it rejected american troops withdraw after helping with the effort. when the rainy season begins, patients hope the visit will serve as a reminder that they still need help. >> an israeli couple has won the biggest prize in the country's history. they arrived
support you provide to this museum. mrs. obama is, it is an honor to have you and your guests here to join with the museum in a tradition that is now almost a century old. that is the presentation of the first lady's inaugural ball gown to the smith sonian institution and into our national collection. the national museum of american history has a unique mission. we have the mandate to tell the whole story of america through our collections, our research, our exhibitions, our educational programs, our web sites. this museum, which is the largest and most popular history museum in the country, offers the unique opportunity to visitors to discover the american dream and to understand what it means to be an american. we are assembled here in flag hall, which serves as the museum's public square. it is the place where we can connect our visitors with information and ideas and with each other. and it is also the place where we sponsor a number of important programs, naturalization ceremonies take place here. we have hands-on learning activities, living history programs, musical performances, and
in a desperate situation. the trip is part of mrs. obama's first solo tour abroad, and it's been very well received. our correspondent reports from port-au-prince. >> from her circling helicopter, michelle obama saw one of the many camps at port-au-prince which people have been forced to live in since the i think. this was the start of mrs. obama's first solo overseas trip. he and the american vice president's wife, jill biden, are there to underlie the commitment to help the country recover. >> i think it was important for jill and i to come now, because we're at the point where the relief efforts are underway, but the attention of the world starts to wane a bit. >> to make this center, they sang a welcoming song for america's first lady and also hold her hand. >> she obliged with gusto, pleading with the crowd who have their lives turned upside down by the earthquake. >> in this converted school bus, mrs. obama sat and painted with the children. haitians are hoping michelle obama's visit will help focus the world's attention on their plight and help in the effort to rebuild their country
america's nuclear arsenal and limits when they could be used. mr. obama's policy announcement is the first in a series of events aimed at reducing nuclear weapons worldwide. thursday, he signs a new arms treaty with russia. next week, he hosts a major nuclear summit in washington. >>> a senior military official confirms that a battle video posted on the internet is authentic. the cockpit video shows a helicopter firing repeatedly on people in a baghdad street during the height of the insurgency, in 2007. 12 people were killed, including a reuters news photographer. yesterday, the pentagon released its report on that incident. >>> in pakistan this morning, security is especially tight around the u.s. consulate in peshawar. that's where militants detonated three truck bombs outside the gates. and five militants fired into the compound with rocket-propelled grenades and automatic weapons until they were killed. today, there is evidence of the attack everywhere, including rubble and damaged vehicles. >>> in mexico, two people have died and hundreds are injured after sunday's massive 7.2 earthq
virginia mine where 29 miners lost their lives, call mr. obama misinformed. after meeting with labor secretary hilda solis and the head of the mine safety and health administration, president obama ordered immediate inspection of mines with shoddy safety records. the head of the united mine workers of america says president obama is taking an unprecedented public stance. the president, speaking in the white house rose garden earlier, calling the disaster at upper big branch mine a failure of management, government oversight, and laws riddled with loopholes. >> i refuse to accept any number of miner deaths as simply a cost of doing business. we can't eliminate chance completely from mining any more than we can from life itself. but if a tragedy can be prevented, it must be prevented. that's the responsibility of mine operators, that's the responsibility of government, and that's the responsibility that we're all going to have to work together to meet in the weeks and months to come. >> massey energy, which owns the upper big branch mine, calling mr. obama's remarks regrettable. we fea
city's poorer neighborhoods today, mrs. obama was serenaded in spanish. then, before older students at a university this afternoon, tried some out herself. >> when it came time for me to decide where to make my first solo international trip as first lady, the choice was clear, mexico. >> reporter: mrs. obama is stepping gingerly on to the world stage. never mentioning publically the drug violence rampant here. in an interview this afternoon, i asked her whether she believes the u.s. is partly to blame for fuelling the demand for drugs. >> i think that there is some mutual responsibility on both sides. i think that the mexican officials are working very hard to do what they can on their end. >> reporter: why not speak out publically here about it? >> you know, my agenda here is focused on young people. you know, there are so many issues that connect our countries. >> reporter: as for the issues making headlines at home, mrs. obama wouldn't say whether her husband should appoint another woman to the supreme court. >> you know, i think that he will develop a process in the same way tha
. with the first lady of mexico, as her guide, mrs. obama will visit some cultural sites and meet with students before making a major speech at a local university. before arriving here, mrs. obama made a surprise stop in haiti. she and dr. jill biden spent several hours getting a first-hand look at the earthquake devastation, which she called powerful. the two women met with the haitian president and spent time with children. mrs. obama says the world has a responsibility to see haiti through this crisis. >> i think it's important for jill and i to come now because we're at the point where the relief efforts are under way. but the attention of the world starts to wain a bit. as we enter the rainy season and the hurricane season, the issues are going to become more compounded. >> reporter: mrs. obama then flew here to mexico city, arriving after night fall. in addition to students, mrs. obama is also reaching out to female leaders here in mexico. she heads back to the united states on thursday, with a stop in san diego before making her way to washington. yunji de nies, abc news, mexico city. >>
,'s unemployment rate is 11.2% up from 9.2% when mr. obama took office and though the nation added 162,000 jobs in march, the tarheel state lost more than 90,000 jobs during the obama presidency. he toured a company that makes components for lithium batteries and is adding 300 jobs, due to stimulus financing, an example of private sector job growth, fueled by tax dollars. >> president barack obama: today is an encouraging day we learned the economy actually produce aid substantial number of jobs instead of losing a substantial number of jobs. [applause]. >> reporter: the president said march's job gains, the biggest in three years signal the economy began to turn the corner and also the first time, monthly private sector job growth topped 100,000 and out-paced government jobs gains and even so the federal government added 48,000 jobs, all temporary hires to conduct the census and most economists predicted gains of 200,000 and somewhat encouraged, the white house economist said the labor market remains, severely distressed . >> to get numbers like we see now is a major, major turn around but we
else can. thank you all so much. [applause] >> thank you very much, mrs. obama. especially your words about how emmake history. and i think it's fair to say that the first lady of the united states is one of the most influential unelected people in the world. and i think the words you have spoken about the importance of people in history and how people make history is really worth -- cannot be repeated too often. mrs. obama, on behalf of the smithsonian and the american people and this museum, i want to thank for presenting your inaugural gown to the smithsonian and helping us tell the continuing story of the people who were first ladies. we hope that you and your family will visit again often, and you have of course an open invitation any time. . . >> concludes the formal part of your ceremony and we are going to invite members of the media escorted by our press office to come forward for photographs. and mrs. obama, if you would do us the honor of joining us at your inaugural gown. . . >> staffers for former senator bob dole discussed his career. also the legacy of ronald reagan. th
will honor their memories by improving mine safety. >> mr. obama and vice president biden traveled to west virginia to honor those killed in the explosion. they met with the families of those whose lives have been changed forever. they vowed that changes will be made. with president barack obama looking on, the families of the 29 collin miners -- fallen miners stepped forward. >> we have been morning with you throughout these difficult days. >> mr. obama says he will now do whatever he needs to to make sure something like this never happens again. >> we will do what we have to do it to make sure that there are safe conditions underground. [applause] >> the april this explosion is considered the worst mining disaster in a generation. the deceased miners were discovered deep underground. the year -- federal regulators believe the explosion was caused by a buildup of methane gas mixed with coal dust. >> in reviewing all safety procedures -- >> grieving families are pointing of fingers at the ceo of massey energy. >> i do not know how he can sleep at night knowing that the hundreds of people w
singing welcome, mrs. obama joined right in. dancing and trying her hand at painting. mrs. obama and dr. biden's visit was unannounced and security very tight. at a news conference, mrs. obama said, although the road ahead would not be easy, haiti has the u.s.'s support. >> after so much loss, how on earth can you still have hope? well, we have hope because we've been inspired. inspired by the resilience and the faith of the haitian people. people who have lost everything. >> reporter: it was also a new beginning for the students at the brazil school. it's now three months since the earthquake. this is the first day back at school for these girls. school isn't going to be in the damaged building behind me. instead, the learning and the real sense of community is taking place in the tent classrooms. teacher edward eugene welcomed his class back, but told his students some of their classmates would never be coming back. at this one school alone, 150 students are still missing. a grim reminder haiti will never be the same again, but nonetheless, signs of life exist. seventh grader darlene
, the american people will be safer and the world will be more secure. >> mr. obama says all the leaders endorsed his goal of securing nuclear materials within four years. if ukraine, canada, and mexico agreed to get rid of their stockpiles of highly enriched uranium. russia agreed to get rid of enough plutonium to build 17,000 nuclear weapons. if there will be another summit in 2012 in south korea. >> the roadblocks put into place nearby for the nuclear security summit have been lifted. but parking is still restricted on many streets around the d.c. convention center until noon today. there's a complete list of parking restrictions by going to our website, >>> authorities have identified a cyclist killed in a traffic accident near the nuclear summit. 68-year-old constance holden died after being hit by d.c. national guard vehicle at the intersection of new york avenue and 12th street. she was an artist and longtime reporter for the journal "science." >> the fbi has joined the investigation againsinto detailf papolice brutality. >> prince george's county police officers using batons to
. what mr. obama has done, the life of your family, all of our lives, germ weapon is in programs, they will be jumped on in terms of green lights to attack. they're making the assumption that no one is crazy enough to use germs, but you are wrong. many people of their believed in being a martyr and they are happy to see 300 million americans watching their children die from the world's most horrible diseases. read that book. it will invite new. it will scare the daylights out of view when you realize what they can be -- what they can do and what they have been doing. right now we are risking the farm on this night even assumption that nuclear weapons are the worst thing that could possibly happen and that we are the threat. guest: the caller's point, there are potentially very dangerous threats from biological weapons. i still believe that the threat posed by nuclear weapons is qualitatively different. if a particular terrorist group was believed in mortar bomb, believes it is their duty to god to attack the united states with such weapons, i do not see how our arsenal of thousan
. last april standing in what had been enemy territory during the cold war, mr. obama laid out his vision of the world minus nuclear weapons. >> i state clearly and with conviction america's commitment to seek the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons. this goal will not be reached quickly. perhaps not in my lifetime. it will take patience and persistence. but now we, too, must ignore the voices who tell us that the world cannot change. we have to insist, yes, we can. >> yes, we can change he says, and we sort of have. incremental but important ways on this issue. the call for a world free of nuclear weapons isn't a new one. it was a vision of course shared by president john f. kennedy, shared by that other notorious weak-willed liberal ronald reagan. >> we're not talking about an increase of nuclear weapons, we seek instead to reduce their number. we seek the total elimination one day of nuclear weapons from the face of the earth. >> what a lilly livered liberal that ronald reagan was. today's right wing is attacking barack obama for embracing ronald reagan's policy on nu
. >> reporter: mr. obama says that chinese president hu agreed yesterday to help tighten the screws on iran over nuclear weapons immediately. >> move forward boldly and quickly to send the kind of message that will allow iran to make a different calculation. >> reporter: but in a triumph for the president every nation at his summit agreed to better secure nuclear materials by 2014. but the biggest unresolved issue remains iran. how to prevent iran that was not invited to the summit. from purifying its own uranium and/or buying plutonium and building a bomb. live from the nuclear security summit at the convention center, i'm steve handelsman, news4. >>> many people will long remember this historic summit for what happened outside of the convention center. the investigation continues tonight into that deadly crash involving a national guard vehicle and a woman on a bicycle. 68-year-old constance holden was riding her bike near the convention center when she was hit about this same time last night. tom sherwood joins us from northwest d.c. with more on who constance holden was. tom? >> reporter: th
a very important question as we were getting ready this morning, mrs. obama from a young woman in the back. we keep using the big word obesity and a young man didn't know what it meant. >> it is a big word but to make it simple is when people's weight gets higher than it should be. and there are very scientific measurements for it. something called body mass index is what a lot of doctors try to measure. but as you grow your weight and your height should remain fairly consistent. but people's body mass index really varies. so there's no one right height or weight to be. we have people in my family who are 6'6" and 4'1" 1 and weight and height really depend on you, as a person. but what this is all ant, really, is about making sure that you guys are healthy. that you're eating the right foods, that you're getting enough exercise. this isn't about how you look. this suspect about appearances, because we all have to own and be proud of exactly who we are. i am 5'1" 1. i was probably this height when i was very young, and my parents taught me to be proud of how i look and this isn'
with russia important milestone for nuclear security. treaty signed by mr. obama and russian president in prague early this morning. comes days after the obama administration outlined complete overhaul of america nuclear policy. >> the plot grows deeper tonight as investigators try to figure out what was really going on with a man on board a flight from dc to denver last night. the man it turns out is a diplomat from qatar. air marshall restrain him after they thought he was trying to light his shoes on fire and then one big misunderstanding. he was trying to sneak a cigarette in the bathroom then today we find out the diplomat was traveling for counselor visit to see al qaeda agent. passengers react to the scare that involved the scram bling of 2 f-16 fighter jets. >> i think they have to do that and i'm sure certain procedures they have to follow. you have to go along and it is inconvenient but you do want them to be careful. >>reporter: counselor officials frequently visit foreigners held in the united states to make sure that they are being treated fairly. officials say the di
across port-au-prince left by the devastating earthquake. mrs. obama described the devastation as powerful. she hopes the trip will bring renewed attention to haiti's recovery needs. the first lady is in mexico where her goodwill trip continues. >>> president obama will go to poland this weekend for the funeral services of that country's late president. lech kaczynski and his wife were among 97 people killed saturday when their plane crashed in the dense fog in western russia. mr. obama described the loss as devastating for poland. the united states and to the world. investigators are focusing on why the pilot of that plane ignored suggestions from the tower to divert to another airport. services for kaczynski will be held on sunday. >> some iconic u.s. astronauts want president obama to rethink plans to cut down nasa's space program. in a letter to the president, neil armstrong and several other astronauts warn that cuts to the next generation rocket program could make the u.s. a second or third-rate nation. with shuttles retiring this year, nasa plans to pay russia to take as
, you should have filed for an extension. meantime, information about the president and mrs. obama's joint return was released yesterday. it shows they earned $5.5 million last year, most of it from book sales. they paid almost $2 million in federal tax and gave $329,000 to charity. >>> of course taxes are one of the main issues that drive tea party activists. across the country yesterday thousands rallied to decry what they believe is wrong with the government, in particular president obama. joel brown reports. ♪ >> reporter: activists threw a coast to coast tea party to mark tax day. >> we have grown from a marvel into a movement. >> reporter: protesters raised their voices to let politicians know they're unhappy with what they view as high taxes and big government spending. >> hopefully it will make enough noise and difference. >> reporter: some rallies were small. others were big. like this one in downtown san francisco. one of the larger turnouts was outside the washington monument. thousands showed up in the nation's capital. the final stop on a nearly three week tea party
will never again be used for weapons or any other military purpose. >> reporter: mr. obama says chinese president hu agreed yesterday to help tighten down screws on iran over nuclear weapons immediately. >> move forward boldly and quickly to send the kind of message that will allow iran to make a different calculation. >> reporter: but in a triumph for the president, every nation at the summit agreed to better se cue nuclear materials by 2014. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news at the nuclear security summit in washington. >>> well, president obama will travel to poland this weekend to attend the funeral of polish president lech kaczynski. who was killed last weekend in a plane crash. the funeral will also include services for the president's wife maria kaczynska, who was among the 96 killed this past weekend in russia. the body of the first lady was brought home to poland yesterday as thousands of grieving poles stood in line for hours to pay their respects to the first couple. >>> well, on her first official trip abroad without the president, first lady michelle obama made a surprise visi
. with increasing drug violence in mexico, mrs. obama asked if it was a safe country for americans to visit? >> yes. our embassies are not discouraging american visitors. i think they're encouraging people to be aware. to be smart, as they travel. >> mrs. obama also spoke to college students, saying that they'll become the leaders in their country. and the ones who will have to solve the problems of the future. >>> two police officers in maryland have been suspended in the investigation of the beating of a college student last month. the entire incident was caught on video, as police hit the man repeatedly during the celebration, after a basketball game in college park on march 3rd. charges filed against the student have been dropped. two other officers could also face suspension. >>> well, some tweets that made history are being saved in the library of congress. twitter is donating its entire archive of tweets for preservation. that means an archive of billions of tweets. >> the idea is researchers can look at tweets about the earthquake in haiti or protests in iran. >>> well, larry king is leddin
on thursday, mr. obama pressured congress to pass financial reform ... and explained the risks of doing nothing. "it is essential that we learn the lessons of this crisis, so we don't doom ourselves to repeat it. and make no mistake, that is exactly what will happen if we allow this moment to pass - an outcome that is unacceptable to me and to the american people. the house of representatives passed its own version of financial reform legislation last december... the senate is currently debating its version... mr. obama also urged wallstreet not to fight the overhaul effort. but critics say... at this point, the reform legislation is so watered down, it really has no teeth .... and what congress really needs to do is break up the big banks. "these banks are too big.. volker rule is step in teh right direction.. make banks downsize.. return to glass steagall is a better idea - that would cut them in half." depaul university professor rebel cole says on a scale of 1 to 10... the reform bills now on the table amount to a 1 or 2. he says congress is doing nothing to change business practic
city this morning to make a final pitch for financial reform. it's an issue mr. obama has been pushing since he was a presidential candidate. his message to wall street will be simple. don't fight the call for more oversight. tara mergener is in washington with details. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning. well, president obama will make that pitch before an audience of about 700 today where he'll say the ideas for change come from both sides of the aisle. just a few blocks from wall street, president obama will call on the financial industry to join his fight for reform. >> i don't think you can talk about financial reform without talking about bad actions in the past. >> reporter: the president will argue that the only way to safeguard the economy is by pushing through the biggest regulatory overhaul since the great depression. he told cnbc last night it's in the best interests of all parties. >> not only is that good for the economy, not only does it protect consumers and investors, it's also good for the financial sector. >> reporter: but wall street isn't so sure. lobbyi
you. i have had it with him. i have had it with mr. obama. i have had it. a lot of people by now have had it with all of these wars. host: is that what you're hearing from the constituents? caller: i am de -- i am a county committeewoman. it goes on and on. we are war-weary. i have a friend that is an independent. he voted for obama, too. i want my vote back. host: we will leave it there. "usa today" this morning -- host: birmingham, alabama and our line for republicans. go ahead. see, my name is tiny. i may republican. -- my name is connie. i am calling to say that mr. obama is a good president but you have to look at his policies. i am against his policy. i am against his health care policy. i am at that age where doctors can make decisions about my life style. host: what kind of decisions is your doctor making backs -- making? guest: my doctor told me to quit smoking. h., how long? caller: i quit ford two years. host: thank you for the call. from the washington insider -- host: we want to remind you that we will be covering the state of intelligence reform conference that is being
. during an event last night, mr. obama was heckled by a group calling on him to repeal the ban on gays serving openly in the military, don't ask, don't tell. >> we are going to do that. hey, hold on a second. hold on a second. we are going to do that. so let's -- >> protesters were chanting "yes, we can," mr. obama's 2008 campaign slogan. >>> the president heads to new york city later this week to push for a financial overhaul package. his speech on thursday will mark a year since the white house first outlined its plans for reform and nearly two years since the financial market meltdown. tara mergener is in washington with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. senate democrats would like to get a formal debate started this week, but the gop may have other ideas. like most issues on capitol hill these days, the battle for reform is shaping up along party lines. >> this comes right down to this basic question. whose side are you on? >> reporter: to push the bill forward, democrats need at least one republican vote. monday, treasury secertary tim geithner paid a person
for mrs. obama to bring people in. >> it's really critical for me for kids of all races and ages to really feel like this white house is theirs, and that they're going to come in here and hear music and go to the easter egg roll and sit in the state dining room and feel what it's like to be a part of a state dinner because i think it can change the way kids see themselves. if you see it, you can believe it. i want them to see themselves here. >> clearly, that kind of access could change a child's life. but so, too, would something that everybody else in america takes for granted. the overwhelming majority of the more than 500,000 people who live in this city voted for president obama, but they can't vote for a senator or representative to congress. i'm curious to know if sometimes could you whisper in his ear, voting rights, voting rights. could do you that? >> you know, the whispers are there. that's something he hears all the time. he is a supporter of the rights of citizens here in d.c. to have the vote. i don't think there's much convincing that you have to do there. we just have to ge
with their banner, saying thank you to mr. obama for their tax cuts. back here live now, still people gather, thousands of people are here at the stage and will continue to be here and we'll have another live report coming up at 7:00. for now, live in northwest, suray chin, 9news now. >> thanks for that. let's check in with patranya to see if this tea party protest is tieing up traffic around the area. >> let's get out here, constitution and 20th, not far from where the action is going on. take a look, very, very congested. people coming into town, as you heard, still trickling in. best advice is to avoid this area of dc for the next few hours. taking you live north of the district, delays are breaking up between 95 and 270. probably will take you 15 to 20 minutes to get through that stretch and talking about 95 heading north, let's take a real time graphic. where you are going to see it's heavy, all the reds and yellows going up north due to an accident at route 175, where an overturned truck is blocking lanes there. bw parkway, a good alternate. back to you. >> all right, thank you for
the ceremony the presidents met for 85 minutes and zeroed in on new sanctions. medvedev told mr. obama he was on board and publicly he outr outlined russia's limitation. >> translator: we seldom obtain specific result and it's difficult to do without them in certain situations but in any case, the sanctions should be smart and aim not only at the non-proliferation. >> reporter: that means deter but not oust the iranian leadership. russia opposed move to create havoc for average iranians, terms mr. obama accepted. >> the united states and russia are part of a coalition of nations insisting that the islamic republic of iran face consequences because they have continued, continually failed to meet their obligation. >> reporter: notably absent from the opening remarks was a bail boilerplate reference for iran to change its way. the sanctions in concert with russia appear iinexorablinexora. >> we move beyond sanctions are inevitable. we are talking about a concrete process. concrete categories. >> reporter: despite the celebratory atmosphere and medvedev's sunny declaration, the treaty is a wi
's financial nerve center. in the wake of his healthcare overhaul win, mr. obama has a new target. instead of health insurance companies, the president's new villain is wall street. the president has a five-prong action plan for regulatory reform. one, six government bailouts. shut down big bank when is they begin to fade. two, the boca rule limits the risks take know by banks. three, trams pairencey, especially for complicated investments like derivatives. where investors don't know all the players. four, consumer protect. more information for individual investors about the financial products they're buying, notably in the complex derivatives market. five, reforms pay for executives. investors and pensions vote on compensation for ceos. mr. obama emphasized that wall street has nothing to fear from his administration and its roles. >> unless your business model depends on bilking people, there is no fear from these new rules. [ applause ] >> hold on, mr. president. bilking? bilking? who, sir, is the bilker? goldman sachs. the u.s. securities and exchange commission, the sec, shared by you
republican. alexi giannoulias is a close friend of mr. obama, and observers of illinois politics says there is little question that the president will come to the rescue of giannoulias when the time is right. >> alexi giannoulias and obama is friends and he's friendly with the people around him. it's a no-brainer. he will support him when it counts. >> meantime, the ranking committee on the house -- ranking member on the house oversight committee has pointed questions for the fdic. [ loss of audio ] >> bret: steve centanni. live there. apologize for the technical difficulties, live in inquestioinkquincy, illinois. >>> this is another fox news alert. there is major movement tonight for a financial regulatory overhaul bill. with republicans in the senate agreeing to let a bill get past procedural hurdle. after blocking the bill in a cloture vote for the third time this week. chief washington correspondent jim angle is here with a live update. a lot of movement. >> a lot of movement. late today, senate republicans signaled they'll do all they can to get it to the floor and let it proceed
this hour, can you catch my one on one with mrs. obama. i had chance to talk to her about her favorite things to do in washington. find out about what she like to do and where you might bump into her. looking forward to that. >> we saw that picture outside at 395 just a minute ago. it look pretty good right now. i guess later today, things will change. >> i think we'll get rain showers that will pop up late this afternoon and into the evening hours. maybe some thunderstorms too. let's look at what is going on out there. no precipitation now. nor will we have any in the early part of the day and it will warm up again today. it won't quite get to 90 but we think we'll wind up in the mid- 80s, low to mid-80s depending on where you are. we are already in the 70s. there are your rain showers aligned with the cold front. the air behind that is cold enough that there is frozen precipitation showing up just to the north and west of the chicago area. take a look at this. current temperature at all of the three major area airports, 71 degrees. here is your forecast for today. we'll see some sun
. mrs. obama met privately with mexico's first lady today. they talked about a number of issues, important to young people, here in the u.s. and in mexico. mrs. obama also visited grade school children and gave a speech at the university there. her visit to mexico is par of an international agenda centered on engaging young people around the world. yesterday mrs. obama was in haiti. >> work as hard as you can do and do as much as you can. driven, the spirit of our youth. yes, woe can. yes, we can. >> the white house announced the second state dinner of president obama's administration will be an n honor of mexico may 19th. >> the man who became famous because of the president's first state dinner is now trying his hand at politics. the third person to crash the party at the white house has decided to run for d.c. mayor. carlos allen. filled out the paperwork to get in the mayor's race. allen has a website where he made that his political opinion. house slogan is, quote, mash the nonsense out of d.c. politics. and allen does not have any previous political experience. >> another
. mr. obama announced yesterday the u.s. would only use nuclear weapons against outliers like iran or north korea or other nations that ignore international non-proliferation rules. mr. obama eliminated nuclear response for non-nuclear nations even if they attack the u.s. with chemical or biological weapons. today iran's president responded defiantly. >> translator: whenever american poll sixes and materialistic politicians are beaten by logic, laws and rationale, they immediately put their hands on their triggers just like cowboys and actors in american western movies. we consider his actions are all conducted because of his inexperience. >> reporter: the white house and arms control expert see the new policy backed by the pentagon after intense internal policy debate as a path to bigger policy goals. deterring nuclear arms race and keeping nuclear material away from the terrorist. >> the u.s. and russia want to indicate we're serious and we want other people to be serious about the process of controlling non-proliferation. >> a criticaled mr. obama's thousand approach radical and
. >> reporter: in an earlier weekly radio address mr. obama said this about taxes and those earning less than $250,000. >> one thing we have not done is raise income taxes on families making less than $250,000 a year. that is another promise we kept. >> reporter: reference to income taxes in the mind of some open the door to other tax increases. something that democrats and ally dick durbin tried to dispute. >> i don't know where it came from, the moosings of cable shows but i wasn't given any information about this v.a.t. tax before appointed to the commission. >> reporter: but others say the v.a.t. is on the table with everything else, including mr. obama's new quarterback reform law. >> even under the administration's numbers they only reduce spending by $138 million. next ten years, by $138 million and by $1.3 trillion in next ten years. we'll build up $10 trillion in debt in next ten years. >> cutting into health reform divided the debt commission. >> there are a couple of democrats in there except us who don't agree at all on healthcare. we'll bring everybody together. >> reporter: to m
is in or what is out. i want the commission to be free to do its work. >> reporter: mr. obama may not want questions because some fear the commission will recommend value-added tax, variation of a national sales tax known as "v.a.t." if adopted it would hit the middle class and poor and undermine the famous campaign promise. >> i can make a firm pledge, under my plan no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase. not payroll, not capital gains, not any of the taxes. >> reporter: in an earlier weekly radio address mr. obama said this about taxes and those earning less than $250,000. >> one thing we have not done is raise income taxes on families making less than $250,000 a year. that is another promise we kept. >> reporter: reference to income taxes in the mind of some open the door to other tax increases. something that democrats and ally dick durbin tried to dispute. >> i don't know where it came from, the moosings of cable shows but i wasn't given any information about this v.a.t. tax before appointed to the commission. >> reporter: but others say the v.a.t
'll be the decision-makers and the key to this year's election cycle. >> we have a -- mr. obama last night i guess was in florida and he talked about how much progress he was making and how important his recovery act was. >> one year later we've made progress, the economy is growing, markets are rising, america's businesses are creating jobs again. one year later more than 2 million americans, 100,000 floridians at work today who would not be here because of the recovery act. >> 15 million out of work. >> where does he get that? i never heard a president be so dis engeneral with generous. the second week in a row the jobless numbers are higher. when we say we have jobs coming back what, planet does that information come from that he reads it. >> he just credited his administration with 2 million jobs when 15 million are out of work. >> the only way he can do that is to point to census counters and federal government employees. it's the only sector of the entire united states economy that has growth. the rest of the economy is continuing to clamp down and small businesses are not hiring anybody. >>
of volunteer service by may, she would be their graduation speaker. get out your cap and gown, mrs. obama, the students have already met their mark. >> like many students, she volunteers for many causes. >> did you take it up about? >> yes, i tried to get out more than i did in the past. >> how many hours? >> 180 hours towards the challenge. >> i just remember dancing with the seniors and having a great time with that. we were doing the electric slide. it was a great time. >> and did anybody spiked punch? >> not that i know. >> he is thrilled that they hit their goal of full months in advance. >> if we had not hit it in a couple of weeks, i would be going to every part i could find. >> it is great that we not only were serving the community, but we were serving as a community. it was alumni, trustees and faculty. we made it happen. >> every student we spoke to said that they hope that this challenge continues. the goal for next year is 150,000 hours of work. that is sken like a true senior that is about to graduate. >> great weather for the season opener. >> it is great weather. it is spe
is not. the rest don't know. that is mr. obama's lowest approval rating ever. so what's driving it? well, the president responded on cbs. >> i think that when you listen to rush limbaugh or glenn beck, it's. >> it's beyond that. >> it's pretty apparent. it's troublesome. but, you know, keep in mind that there have been periods in american history where this kind of i have vitriol comes out. it happens often when you have got an economy that is making people more anxious, people are feeling as if there is a lot of change that needs to take place. i think the vast majority of americans know we are trying hard. that i want what's best for the country. >> that may be true. there is no question many americans are now skeptical the "wall street journal" echoed the factor and said obama care may, indeed, be unconstitutional because the federal government can't force americans to buy a product. health insurance we said that back in august. one footnote the car insurance mandate is driven by public safety and also a state issue. now, the president sincerely believes that crerves hurting his image
. president obama wants her to talk of education and economic advancement. mrs. obama has been discussing these topics with the first lady of mexico. >>> monday marks the end of the general assembly. there are last-minute bill changes that can be made up until monday. there is a bill that would require drivers in maryland to use a handsfree device when talking on the telephone. the proposal would let's people getting medical marijuana with authorization. >>> federal investigators will be in west virginia tomorrow tried to figure out what caused a deadly mine explosion. 29 miners died in a glass. dust is expected to have caused this explosion. it is supposed to keep gas and coal dust away from the minors. officials say enforcement efforts are up 20% in the past years. appeals jumped 400%. >> to go to a mine and say we do not like your safety record, no. >> it would take an act of congress to change that. >>> an unauthorized biography about talk show host oprah winfrey comes out. kitty kelley interviewed 800 people over three years to gather information on every aspect of her life. it comes
't run away from fee, other airlines may follow suit. >>> mrs. obama along with joe biden took a helicopter tour to port-au-prince. amidst the devastation, children put on a performance of traditional songs for the first lady. >>> well, what's 21-inches of snow worth? 2-1/$4million in federal funding. that qualifies as a record and qualifies the city for a little help paying for the clean up. the city is also set to get $7 million in federal money with the back to back blizzard's that paralyzed the nation. >>> you may soon have access to a 24 hour wal-mart. it will be located at howard and 25th street. this monday a proposal will be introduced to allow the wal- mart to stay open all day and all night. >>> in this era of surround sounds and 3d movies, it's nice to know you can still enjoy a movie from inside your car. you can take your pet, wear your pajamas and snuggle in the front seat, unless you have a stick shift. >> you added that didn't you. that wasn't in there. >> no. >>> i'm meteorologist bernadette woods in for bob turk tonight, the rain is winding down and warmer ai
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